Seattle is Pretty Cool

My first layover in Seattle was my very first time ever there. I walked 16 miles that day, all around the whole city. From Pike Place Market, to the waterfront/pier 66, to the Space Needle and to Kerry Park – I had a long to-do list for the day and accomplished it all!

We arrived in the morning and I went right out to Pike Place to try some fresh fruit, see cheese being made from scratch, and taste some true Seattle coffee. I walked down to see the Gum Wall. Just to see it. Then I walked along the waterfront, braving the powerful winds and even a couple raindrops.

I then went to lunch at the Space Needle park area, had some bubble tea, and just enjoyed some time in the square there.

Kerry Park is at the top of a hill, so I got an uber up to take in the beautiful views of Seattle. I love exploring a city like this, getting to take my sweet time, sit in a park and relax until I’m ready for the next site. I get to enjoy the moments a little more.

For dinner, I went to this delicious pizza place and brought it back to the room to call it a night.

I’ve been back to Seattle once more since then and got to revisit Pike Place and explore a little of Capitol Hill. Seattle still remains one of my favorite layovers. It’s a beautiful city with great food and lots to do.

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