My First Layover Ever

I didn’t get my first layover until about a week into flying. All my friends from training were enjoying LA, beaches, and international trips for their firsts. And here I was, getting called at 3am on my “on call” days for turns (trips where you fly there and back in a day without getting off the plane). I flew to Santo Domingo and back one day, San Juan and back the next. There’s nothing worse than flying to beautiful, tropical places and not even being able to get off the plane!

My very first flight as a flight attendant!

Finally on day 9 of being a flight attendant, I got called in for a trip to LA with a nice long layover, but then it gets cancelled. So scheduling calls me again with a change of plans… now I was headed to New Orleans for a 17 hour layover!

I had never been to New Orleans before, so I was super excited. I had one of the sweetest crews, and one of the girls took me under her wing and showed me around Nola.. We went for drinks at Pat O’Brien’s, a classic French Quarter bar, and a couple others with live music and drinks. Then we walked down Bourbon Street and over to the Casino. I guess I didn’t realize New Orleans has casinos because I didn’t have much cash. But that was definitely a good thing, because by the end of it I was cashless.

I definitely had a classic New Orleans experience and can’t wait to go back and see more of this historic and fun city.

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