Adventures in Colorado Springs

I was so happy to have my best friend Laura join me for a weekend in Colorado Springs! I had a 30 hour layover, so two nights and an entire day to explore this beautiful scenic destination. Laura got on my flight from ATL – COS at the very last minute, and I couldn’t have been more excited! Plus I got to serve someone I knew on a flight for the very first time! Proof:

We started the day off at Over Easy, a delicious brunch spot recommended to me by another flight attendant. Laura and I both got the quinoa coconut oatmeal with fresh fruit. It was hard for me to pass up the flight of pancakes or french toast, but I don’t regret the oatmeal one bit!

We then Ubered our way to Red Rock Canyon / Open Space park. Our Uber driver was this super cool high school teacher who was telling us all the best routes to take and places to see in Colorado Springs. We had a nice long hike through the park and even saw a couple of mule deer. It was amazing! So many cool red rock formations and scenic views!

After that, we went to Manitou Springs and this little town, nestled in between mountains, was probably the highlight of our day!

We walked along the quaint little streets with historic buildings and homes. We had been in the mood for smoothies, a tradition we have, and so we stopped at this little shop with local organic food and goods. I got a DELICIOUS iced coffee peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie, and Laura got a green smoothie which she said was delish as well! We almost went back for seconds. The guy who made our drinks, Luke, was so incredibly friendly we couldn’t believe it. The people in Colorado Springs in general were all SO nice!

After finishing our scrumptious smoothies, we walked over to this park where we heard live music. Come to find out, there was a wine festival going on. So we sat in the park across the street and relaxed, listening to the music and people-watching everyone who had a little too much wine.

Finally, to finish the day we planned to grab dinner and check out Garden of the Gods for sunset.

We went to Garden of the Gods Café, which was a really nice restaurant with locally sourced organic ingredients. We both loved our dishes! I had a spaghetti bolognese and Laura had a salad.

Just in time for sunset, we called an Uber to drop us at Garden of the Gods. Typical us, we had no idea what to expect, because apparently you can’t just get dropped off at one spot to see it all. You basically would have to spend several hours walking through the park or drive through it. After he explained this to us, our Uber driver offered to drive us through for an extra couple bucks.

So we said YES PLZ, and next thing you know we had our very own tour guide / private driver taking us through Garden of the Gods! He stopped at all the famous photo-ops and let us get out of the car for pictures. It was the perfect end to our day.

See what I mean about everyone being so nice here?? Where else do you get an Uber driver offering to be your tour guide through a national park?

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